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Pre-Crowdfunding Video To Support Shevolution

Thank you so much for your interest in Shevolution, a short film that I wrote and am producing.  Shevolution is a dramedy that takes an unfiltered look at the life of a domestic abuse survivor who struggles with PTSD as she attempts to live a happy life.

Making this film has been a dream of mine since I realized that my artistic passion and talents lie in creating art that advocate for social justice.  As an actress-screenwriter-producer, I work on projects that deal with volatile issues that need to be brought to light such as domestic violence and mental illness (two of the main themes in Shevolution).

Those of us who work in or support independent cinema know how difficult it is to raise money especially for films that take on controversial topics.  Nonetheless,  I truly believe that this film needs to be made since it will mean the world to so many people and can potentially uplift the lives of survivors of domestic violence and mental illness.

This is the reason why on August 15, I will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise $25k to finance the making of this film.  In the meantime, you can support Shevolution by LEAVING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW.  Not only will you will be notified when the Crowdfunding campaign launches but I will make sure that you are always included as an active participant in the development of this film and in the SHEVOLUTION MOVEMENT as a whole.  Thank you so much for your interest, and can't wait to share this journey with you!

Love, Minerva